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Control Cabinets


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Control Cabinets


Pneumatic control cabinets provide
protection for all pneumatic and electrical system components.


General details
Control cabinets made to measure
Cabinets can be supplied with inspection windows
Individually configured
Adapted to requirements
Tested and ready to install
Designed and constructed for respective application
Design is influenced by weather and climate
Special materials e.g. stainless steel for use in corrosive and harsh environments.
Complete engineering solution according to customer application-specific requirements


Mining control cabinets
Lever operated control boxes
Designed for operator safety
Dead man lever with lockable feature
IP 65 protection
Filter and lubricator bowls easily accessible
Filter supplied with autodrain
Full flow 1" filter and lubricator
Lubricator can be filled without opening the panel
Safety lockable lockout valve on the main air
1" full flow piping
Panel is lockable

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