Pneumatic Knocker – Type K

The Pneumatic Knocker is used for bulk goods with material flow problems for instance bridge, siphon and residue formations, when high speed shakers and vibrators with soft sine-shaped oscillations are no longer effective.


Product properties

Pneumatic Distance-Knocker QJ

The Pneumatic Distance-Knocker is suitable for knocking against slow-moving drums and filling or emptying stations with moving containers. The knocker type QJ can be mounted at a distance from the rotating drum or a container. The operating principle is identical to the knocker type K, but the impact pulse is transferred to a piston rod which moves to the container. The drum or container wall is touched only briefly during beating and transmits the impact pulse.


Product properties

Flap Shutter KV

The “Singold” Flap Shutter is used for all kinds of bulk material and solid-liquid mixtures, when the container is to be completely emptied.

Container scales, container, primary and secondary vessels in mixing plants, wagons, reservoirs under filters and separators, cone worm mixers


Product properties

Double-Flap Sluice DKS

Two flap shutters mounted one on top of the other form a Double-Flap Sluice. The applications for Double-Flap Sluices are as follows:

  • When bulk materials are conveyed to another pressure level, such as the discharge from cyclones
  • When products or bulk materials are progressively cycled back and forth, such as with cement and glass production
  • If products or bulk materials in other processes or systems are progressively conveyed, such as in the entry or discharge in incineration or biogas plants

Product properties

Cellular Wheel Sluice

The inlet of the cellular wheel sluice is eccentrically arranged, so that the cellular wheel sluice is suitable for pellets. The outlet diameter is larger than the inlet diameter. All walls are without angles so that the product falls out freely. Therefore a blockage of the cellular wheel by stored product between cellular wheel and bearing cover is not possible. The inlet and outlet is executed as DIN flange so that no transition pieces in special design are required for the connections. An optimal cellular wheel size at a lower speed can be selected sound step range of the volume power per stroke per revolution.


Product properties

Butterfly Valve

The inlet of the cellular wheel sluice is eccentrically arranged, so that the cellular wheel sluice is suitable for pellets.


Applications such as:

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Water supply and sewage technology
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Ship building
  • Power plant technology
  • Food industry
  • Paints and varnishes silicone-free version

Product properties